smart technology to bring your company to the top in sales and negotiation capabilities
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Snapchat of the current level of negotiation capabilities of the organization, broken down to competences
Comparison vs industry benchmarks
Effective tool for identifying gaps and focusing on your company's specific needs in learning and development
  • Assessment
    of the current level of negotiation effectiveness (business result achievement) and negotiation skills of the whole organization and each participant
  • Fact-based rating
    from the best to the weakest negotiator, could be used to determine personnel reserve and successors.
  • Benchmark
    within the industry, comparison with other companies.
  • Safe, yet close to real-life environment
    is the unique way to check and improve nego effectiveness (achievement of business goals) without any risk for the real business deals.
  • Fast induction of newcomers
    into negotiation culture and team
  • Motivating event
    which drives people to improve nego skills (like Olympic games for sportsmen).
  • Reasonable budget. Wide scale. Fast implementation
    Covers whole organization and geography fast and at reasonable budget
  • Preparing your sales team for a new product launch
  • Launch of new business, franchise or geographic expansion
  • Setting up standards for a new sales team after merging or acquiring a new business
  • Assessment of the team before optimization
  • Massive hiring
We make skills development an engaging process
  • Quantitative and Qualitative assessment
    1st score is objective - generated by an algorythm (how much profit a player actually earned in a battle). This algorythm is built into ProNEGO playing platfrom.

    2nd score is subjective - a ProNEGO expert watches the recoreded video of a battle and comments on how the players uses negotiation tools and tactics. The expert also evaluates nego competences of the players.
  • IT platform, designed specially for online negotiation championships
    engaging esport-like interface; adjustable algorythms (depending on the focus of the championship); built-in video chat; built-in interactive service for feedbacks - comments on video timeline; the platform is adjustable to any LMS if required.
  • ProNEGO experts
    ProNEGO experts are current or former top managers of multinational corporations with background in business training and strong expertise in negotiations
  • Library of generic and industry specific business cases
    Cases can be specially created for a Customer if required. The level of cases varies.
  • ProNEGO knowledge database
    allows to compare results of your organization with industry average
  • ProNEGO Dynamic Model of Competences of Negotiator
    Each competence is further broken down to over 60 skills and tools
    (we also are ready to use any model that your Organization prefers).
Development of negotiation competences is one of the most perspective investment in human resources of the organization

Motivation and engagement are necessary for any education process. Knowledge and skills courses are the analogue of athlete's training activities. What motivates sportsman to train harder? Of course, victories and losses in tournaments and championships!

We are a team of experts with long term experience in sales, procurement, marketing and HR in leading local and foreign companies. Today we introduce innovative methods to motivate associates for professional development.

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